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Customized Beef Packages

Ordering Our Product

Unlike a butcher shop supplying specific cuts or portions, we supply halves or quarters of animals. If this is too much for you we are making a special offer of 10kg beef packs. These are made up of about equal portions of steak (such as T bone or fillet), roasting pieces,
gravy beef, mince and sausages. Bones can be added on as well. (all meat except sausages is vacuum packed)

Our meat is sold based on the whole portion of meat including bones and trim. Heart, liver, kidney, tongue and cheeks are included without extra cost on request. They can be included in sausages and/or mince on request. If you don’t want sausages please contact us for options.

You have a variety of choices as to how our meat is prepared and packed for you (see our cut sheet)
A side of beef will be typically up to 100kg (allow 100 litres of freezer space)
Sides of beef can be divided into two equal portions if you want to share with family or friends. There is an extra charge for this service.
A quarter weighs typically up to 50 kg (allow 50 litres of freezer space)

PickUp Or Delivery

Free Delivery

We will deliver to the Adelaide metro area or the south coast on an agreed day and time free of charge. Pickup options are also available.
Orders need to be made in advance for an agreed date of delivery or pickup.

Custom Cut Options


There are a number of price options depending on your choices of cut and packaging. Remember you pay for the carcass portion, including bones and trim.

First tier pricing is based on bulk packaging. Cuts of meat such as roasts and steaks are cut to size and packed in boxes for repacking by you. Mince meat is bulk packed in a large bag and similarly sausages.

Side of beef, bulk packed $15.00/kg
Side of Beef (divided into two equal portions), bulk packed $16.00/kg
Hind quarters of beef, bulk packed $16.00/kg
Forequarters of beef bulk packed $15.00/kg

IF you choose sausages there is a $1.50/kg surcharge for the sausages only (for example if you order a side and there are 10kg of sausages, add $15).
IF you want to have your meat packed in freezer bags with individual labelling on the bag, add $1.20/kg (for example a side would now cost $16.20/kg)
IF you want to have your meat packed in vacuum bags with individual labelling on the bag, add $2.00/kg (for example a side would now cost $17/kg).
Sausages cannot be vacuum packed.

Once we receive your order we will send a confirmation email. This will include information about our expected delivery date and an invoice for about half the order (for example a hindquarter will be for $400). Payment of this will secure your order. Once the weighing of your portion  is completed we will send a second invoice which is to be paid before delivery.